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Macedon Hills Wine Series

Art Direction / Design

Wine Labels

Macedon Hills 2018 Cab Sauv Front Label
Macedon Hills 2018 Cab Sauv Back Label

This premium wine series is inspired by both the winemaking process and Macedon Hills region itself. The designs complement each other as a matching pair with inverted colours representing the pink and red of the grapes during fermentation. Elegant, stacked letterforms flow and spill into each other - the cascading, curved shapes a nod to the wild, rolling landscape. The sophisticated, typography-led design and distinctive colour palette are heightened by a bespoke textured finish with eye-catching foil highlights.

Macedon Hills Series Front Labels
Macedon Hills Series Back Labels
Macedon Hills 2017 Shiraz Malbec Back Label
Macedon Hills 2017 Shiraz Malbec Front Label
Pink and Red Fermenting Grapes
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