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Bupa Dental - The Power of Your Smile

Creative / Art Direction

TVC, Cinema, Digital, Social

Smiles are scientifically proven to release mood enhancing chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. So when we smile, we feel good from mouth to toe and have the confidence to take on the world. You could say smiling is a natural drug.

Harris Coffee Roasters - Made for Australia

Creative / Art Direction

Integrated campaign - TVC, OOH, Socials

Harris - one of Australia's original coffee roasters - needed to culturally reconnect with Australian coffee drinkers. To do this, we focused on Aussies’ collective love of the great Australian outdoors (and the fact that even the best outdoor experiences can be made that little bit better with a great cup of coffee.)

We brought the campaign to life with with real-world travel adventurers - Brinkley Davies, Harrison Roach, Laure Mayer, Salty Davenport and Tom Patterson.

Charles Darwin University - You make CDU

Creative / Art Direction

Integrated campaign - TVC, BVOD, Radio, OOH, Digital, Print, Social

Charles Darwin University's first campaign under a new strategic platform, 'The Connected University' had to cover a lot of ground -  flexing across hundreds of different messages and assets -  from TAFE and on-campus higher education messaging for Northern Territory audiences, to a national campaign with an online study focus. We used real students and a semi-doco style film approach to ground the campaign in the authentic connections between students' lives and their studies.

Creative / Art Direction / Retouching

Integrated campaign

Many of Australia’s 3 million chronic pain sufferers are so severely affected by their pain that it comes to define who they are. For these sufferers, Nevro’s HFX spinal cord stimulation technology can be life-changing. Unlike the clinical, impersonal approach often taken by TGA-regulated medical brands, we acknowledged the intense feelings many chronic pain sufferers experience while giving them hope that they can defy their pain.


Writing / Direction / Animation

Animated Digital Content, Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), 2018

This campaign was born from the idea that good food speaks for itself. Veggies are the stars in this short animation promoting the Hunter Medical Research Institute's Healthy Eating Quiz. Written, animated and directed by Callum Foot.


Writing / Direction / Animation

Animated music video for The People and Us, 2015

The Big Bad Wolf doesn't get his fairytale ending in this raunchy music video for Novacastrian Indie-Rock band, The People and Us. This subversive animation tripled the band's online following in two weeks and was nominated for Best Tertiary Animation and Best Music Video at the 2018 SAE ATOM Awards.


Direction / 3D - Animation

University of Newcastle Project, 2017

A Short 3D-animation of a dancing robot. Discobot was made using Cinema 4D including, modelling, rigging, animation and rendering.

Macedon Hills - Wine Labels

Art Direction / Design

Wine Labels

During the process of mash fermentation, deep crimson grape skins are separated from the pink flesh. This pair of wine labels are inspired by this palette, each the inverse of the other. The typography is inspired by the rolling landscape of the Macedon Hills region, finished with textured foil highlights.


Graphic Design / Illustration

Beer Can Label Hope Brewery, 2019

Winner of the coveted trophy for 'Best Design - Label / Surface Graphic' at the 2019 Australian International Beer Awards, this minimal and modern design celebrates the unique characteristics of the Sabro hop.


Direction / Animation

University of Newcastle project, 2017

What does your food get up to when you're not watching? This whimsical animated short was created as a university project and blends 2D hand-drawn animation with live-action footage.


Creative / Graphic Design

"The Fast Straw" - Poster Campaign

Medium: Poster Campaign

Product: Up and Go Blends

Target Audience: Busy young people

Proposition: The fastest brekkie


Animation / Post-production

Sesame Street - Written and directed by Kelly Boulton, 2017

This stop-motion Sesame St. segment was written and directed by Producer/Director Kelly Boulton and shot using Dragonframe. My role was to create animatics to guide the frames and timing, as well as edit and touch-up the final video.

F-11.1% Jet Red IIIPA


Beer Can Label, Hope Brewery, 2020

The centrepiece of this bold beer label is a 100% faithful replication of a F-111 fighter jet tail - complete with a custom black and red Hope branded paint-job. This high octane design lands perfectly alongside the existing aeronautic F-11.1% Black IIIPA and F/A-18% Black Rhino Stout.


Rotoscope Animation

Universal Music, 2015

Working with accomplished Creative Director, Kelly Boulton, I was in animated several scenes of Daniel Johns award-winning Music video, "Going On 16". My hand-drawn rotoscoping can be seen from 1.00 - 1.05 and 2.30 - 2.35.


About Me

Cal is an art director with an awarded background in design, illustration, animation and photography.

He used to design beer & wine labels and nearly enjoyed that as much drinking it.

In 2019, he received 2nd Place AWARD School NSW before starting as an Art Director at independent creative agency, Edge. During his 4 years at Edge was part of teams that won creative pitches for Bupa Dental, Taylors Wine and Charles Darwin University. He also helped launch 3 startups, and won best outfit at the 2021 Agency Xmas party (more impressive than it sounds).

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